The church of Kerämäki
In the small village Kerämäki they are proud of the biggest wooden church in the world
Savonlinna / Nyslott
A small town in Southeast Finland, most famous for the yearly Opera-Festival held at the old castle of Olavinlinna / Olofsborg
Helsinki / Helsingfors
The capital of Finland and one of my favourite cities
Harmaja / Gråhara,
Helsinki pilot station
Eteläasatama / Södra hamnen
The south port with the dome and the market place, Kauppatori / Salutorget
The Dome
View over the south harbour
Typical Finland, a public carpet washingplace, middle in the city
The Uspenski cathedral
A very "secret" surveillance camera on the Aleksanterinkatu /Alexandersgatan
Floating market, you don't have to go to Bangkok for that
The market place at Hakaniemi / Hagnäs
The market place at Hakaniemi / Hagnäs
Coffe brake at "Kahvisiskot" at the market place
Hakaniemen tori / Hagnästorget
A visit to Finland without the crisp fried vendace isn't really complete
Autumn impressions from southern Finland
In and around Mellunmäki / Mellungsbacka in eastern Helsinki / Helsingfors

Suburban winter
WInter in the Mellunkylä / Mellungsbyn area in east Helsinki / Helsingfors

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